TCS general help

TCS startup

The TCS login accounts are restricted accounts, which means they cannot be used to login directly from an Alpha console. If you need to use the Alpha console to run the TCS, first login as TCSMGR, then telnet to the the Alpha and then login. For example, at the INT Alpha, login as TCSMGR then telnet LPAS2 and login as INT_LOGIN.

If the TCS appears to start, i.e. it creates the windows which then disappear soon afterwards, the problem is likely to be in the CAMAC interface. The problem could be located on the PCI card in the Alpha, or in the CAMAC controller module in the system crate. To check whether the CAMAC interface is the problem, login as TCSMGR and look at the log of the SYNC process:
If the log has the entry Unable to link LAM to AST routine, the CAMAC interface must be initialised by reloading the CAMAC driver, which can only be achieved by rebooting the Alpha. It is also a good idea to power cycle the system crate as well, as follows.

  1. Shut down the Alpha using the SHUT account.
  2. On the CAMAC system crate, switch the branch coupler (BR CPR 4-1) offline then power off the system crate.
  3. After about 10 seconds, power on the system crate and wait for the fans to run up.
  4. On the branch coupler, press the branch initialise switch, then switch to ONLINE.
  5. Boot the Alpha by typing boot at the >>> prompt.

If the TCS starts, but there is no data in the DISPLAY window, check that the CAMAC cable is connected correctly. If you need to reconnect the CAMAC cable, first shutdown the Alpha and power it off, then switch the branch coupler offline and power off CAMAC. Check the pins on the connector for damage. Spare cables are kept in the drawer of the desk in the back right-hand corner of the WHT computer room. Once the cable is connected securely, power on CAMAC, initialise the branch coupler and then put it online, then power on the Alpha which will boot automatically.

TCS communication with ICS

If commands cannot be sent to the TCS from the ICS, it may be that the TELD process on the Alpha has died. To restart the TELD process, login as normal and choose the TELD option. On the ICS use the startobssys command to reconnect to the new TELD process.

If the TCS header collection is not working, either the TELD process has died, so the ARCHIVE commands do not work, or else the Unix partition is not mounted on the Alpha. TELD can be restarted as described above. The Unix partition can be remounted by logging in as normal and choosing the NFSMOUNT option.

TCS User window hangs

If the TCS User window stops accepting input, it may be that the communications have hung

1) Clear the terminal communications
       Use the window menu Commands -> Clear Communications
     If that didn`t clear the problem  
2)  Restart the TCS windows. 

     Create a session to the TCS alpha. Login as normal and enter option 

     Only if the above fails, should you restart the TCS. Note that the RESTART option will
     not be present if the TCS is not running.

3) Restart the TCS 

     Create a new TCS alpha session. Login as normal. Enter option 
     STOP to stop the TCS and then START to start again. Remember that 
     you will need to zeroset and restart the ICS with startobssys

Note that the STOP option will not be present if the TCS is not running.

TCS Display window hangs

If the TCS Display window stops updating, it may be that the communications have hung

1) Clear the terminal communications
       Use the window menu Commands -> Clear Communications  
     Clear the terminal communications on any copy of the display. At the WHT this is
     typically on the icsdisplay machine. 
       Use the window menu Commands -> Clear Communications

If that didn`t clear the problem follow steps 2 and 3 in the section above
entitled "TCS User window hangs".

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Last modified: 9 August 2017