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This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS

Purpose of this document

The use of UltraDAS in routine operations is described. "Routine operations" includes observing and changes of instrument and detectors, but not development and installation of UltraDAS components nor the preparation and tuning of detectors. The information is intended for guest observers, staff astronomers, duty engineers and change-crew personnel.

This issue describes UltraDAS in observing-system s9.

Don't panic!

This is a technical manual, but most of it can be ignored or intuited for most of the time. If you are about to observe with UltraDAS, have a quick look at the observing section and be prepared to dip into the command dictionary for occasional details. You can ignore the rest.

Scope of the system

"UltraDAS" describes a vertical slice of the observing system. The latter includes all the hardware and software used to make and record observations; UltraDAS is the sub-set concerned with driving detectors and recording data on disc.

UltraDAS includes:

The system computer is the one one which the user interfaces are run. The term "DAS" is used in this document (and other UltraDAS documents) to mean the computer that collects data from the CCDs and files it on disc.

UltraDAS does not cover: