Capabilities and limits of UltraDAS

This page is part of the ING manual INS-DAS-29 Operations manual for UltraDAS.

These are the major operational parameters of UltraDAS: UltraDAS allows binning  or windowing of CCDs, or both at once. Up to four readout windows may be used. UltraDAS allows windowing but not binning on IR detectors. Most cameras support two readout speeds.

Here is an indication of the speed of UltraDAS with the current cameras:
Camera Readout time (s) Cycle time (s) (single) Cycle time (s) (multiple)
EEV10 34

INT WFC 34 36 36

INGRID 0.7 2

The readout time is the actual time taken to extract charge from all pixels of the detector, at the better of the two readout speeds. The single-cycle time is the time taken to complete a single observation of zero seconds integration, including all overheads. The multiple-cycle time is the time between the starting of sucessive observations in a series; in such a set of observations, some of the overhead can be hidden by running data-saving tasks of one cycle in parallel with the integration and readout the next.

Here are some other limits in the current version:

At the time of writing, UltraDAS has no known faults that cause loss of image-data.