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Fundamentals of JavaTM Servlets:

By MageLang Institute

The JavaSM Developer ConnectionSM (JDC) presents a Short Course on the Fundamentals of Java Servlets written by Java Software licensee, the MageLang Institute. A leading provider of JavaTM technology training, MageLang has contributed regularly to the JDC since 1996.

The MageLang Institute, since its founding in 1995, has been dedicated to promoting the growth of the Java technology community by providing excellent education and acting as an independent resource. To find out more about MageLang's Java technology training, visit the MageLang web site.

About this Short Course

Fundamentals of Java Servlets shows you how to enhance web server functionality with safe, efficient, portable and powerful servlets.

By understanding the concepts presented in the Course Notes, and stepping through the exercises, or "Magercises," you will learn how to use the Java Servlet API; how to create and run a servlet with the JSDK; how to install a servlet on the Java Web ServerTM, how to process parameters from HTML forms; and how to manage middle-tier processing.

In short you should be able to learn everything you need to know to start building client/server programs with HTML interfaces.

This course was written by several members of the MageLang Institute staff.

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