The RGO package was written by Jim Lewis.

Downloading, Installing and Testing:

  1. Download rgo-19jan2001.tar.gz
    This gzip-ed tar file contains the source and the precompiled Solaris/SunOS executable (ssun)
  2. unpack it in a directory of your choice
    for GNU tar: gtar -zxf rgo.tar.gz
    for other tar's: gzip -cd rgo.tar.gz | tar -xf -
  3. add the package definition
        In your file make the following definitions
        somewhere before the "keep" statement.
            reset rgo = /Your/path/to/rgo/
            task  rgo.pkg = rgo$
            printf ("reset helpdb=%s,rgo$lib/helpdb.mip\nkeep\n",
                envget("helpdb")) | cl
  4. you should now be able to access the rgo package. Log into IRAF and load the package to test it:
    > cl
    cl> rgo
  5. documentation is in rgo/doc and help should be available within IRAF for the tasks.
NOTE : If you are running IRAF 2.11.3 please make sure that it has been patched to at least 2.11.3a

NOTE : Versions since 19jan2001 contain the corrected large fibre correspondence table.

Compiling (only if necessary):
Please contact for information.

19. Jan. 2001 Robert Greimel