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Multi fibre robotic positioner 

  • CCD mount: rotation adjusters have to be fitted to make alignment more repeatable and less time consuming
  • Fit a CuAr lamp on the gripper arm. This allows to do tests on calibration in the blue, having the light source closer to the fibres.


  • Wyffos optics: big mirror needs cleaning. The small relay mirror needs recoating. The spare has been aligned. It has a slightly smaller radius. It was agreed to put the spare in the next run 7th november and check if it is usable, if so we leave it in and send the original one away for recoating.
  • Wyffos ghost: ghost has been identified with a calibration lamp. A temporary baffle was fitted. This solution is at the cost of losing light in the blue part of the spectrum. Investigation on having a dynamic system that is only operated during calibrations. see fault 17230
  • The WYFFOS calibration unit has been overhauled in 2010. The clutches and redundant cables have been removed. A 4th lamp (Hg) has been fitted.

  • AF2pc strategy: Both pc's are always on the network. This to make sure that both machines are kept up to date. The machine that boots up last takes control of the instrument. If there's a failure on the af2pc you should change to the other af2pc. (see instructions)

Last updated 26st May 2015 by Renee J. Pit