System Overview

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Multi fibre robotic positioner 


The new AF2 system consists of a Industrial PC with a Galil motion controller card to control the different axis of the instrument. A frame grabber card is used for the fibre viewing system. The PC is connected to the DMC 1900 InterConnectModule. This is to allow for the two 100 pin connectors to be connected to the existing AF2 cabling that goes to both the instrument and the power amplifier rack. Most of the software is resides on the whtics machine (Taurus), therefore the af2pc1 needs to be on the network to work properly. By keeping software on whtics  we make sure that both af2pc's  can be interchanged at any time and that any changes in software are always applied on both machines.




AF2 Instrument fibre module
Power amplifier rack

Galil DMC 1900 ICM  
af2pc1  Berkhoff Industrial PC

Galil DMC 1860 Motion controller


Flashbus Spectrim Frame grabber card













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