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Multi fibre robotic positioner 


AF2 web documents
The instrument change documents have been updated.

23rd Aug 2011
Broken Fibres
 Science Fibre 1 was broken by the robot movement after the instrument mounting of 25th of March 2011. Reason was a gripper camera misallignment caused while the instrument was mounted. The fibre has been disabled. A report was produced, and the conclusion was that greater care should be taken while tying up the bolts which hold the the robot.
At the moment the following fibres have been disabled: 1, 17, 25, 37, 83, 117, 136 and 145. These are all science fibres.

29th March 2011

AF2 web documents

  The instrument change document has been updated due to a slightly change of the command syntax of the WYFFOS unit. Some broken links have been fixed in various web pages.

1st April 2011 

AF2 software upgrade  Commissioning of AF2 Linux operating software successful !!!

After all the off sky preparation to test all aspects of the new software and the electronic interface rack on the the 9th of June we had first light for AF2 with Linux operating software running on a power PC. It is a credit to all people involved that commissioning went so smooth and without any problems. Obviously there is no reason to revert back to the old OS/9 system. With this new system we have a more reliable, maintainable and stable system resulting in shorter setup times (down to 15-20 minutes) and more accurate fibre placement. For more detail on this project see the manual


    Gripper problems 

During last run in february we experienced very low temperatures, down to minus 3 degrees C inside the dome. The problem with the O-rings seems to be cured with the compressed air warming device. Final solution is to install the active temperature control device. All parts are in house now, needs to be implemented before next winter.
Repair fiducial bundle Recently the fiducial fibre bundle has been repaired. The fibres are held in a modified holder. This gives a more stable and rugged assembly that should not be so vulnerable anymore.

New AF2-Wyffos gui available A new light path mimic for AF2 with Wyffos is available on Taurus



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