Known Problems

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Multi fibre robotic positioner 

Problem Cause Solution or workaround
AF2 Engineering mimic blank  AF2 server is not running. at the whtics, type murder AF2, then AF2Server &, then AF2EngineeringMimic &
Lost fibre Backillumination failed to switch on check backillumination on science fibres on wyffos mimic
check backillumination on fiducial fibres by taking an exposure with AG1 (image should be saturated)
No video signal to frame grabbercard check monitor in controlroom and in Ghril      If there is no signal in Ghril, there is probably a broken video cable from the top end
Frame grabber card failure change to spare af2pc   see instructions
AF2 not responding AF2Server not running at the whtics, type murder AF2, then AF2Server & , AF2EngineeringMimic &
af2pc maybe needs rebooting use shutaccount to af2pc1, select reboot
af2pc might have a real fault change over to spare af2pc  see instructions


Last updated 16 may 2006 by MVDH