A new wide-field multi-object spectrograph
for the William Herschel Telescope




March 2016 Final funding announcement for IAC (FEDER, 1.8M€)
March 2016 Fibre Retractors Complete
March 2016 PRI lens 4 ready for coating
March 2016 FTS delivered to IAC
February 2016 Positioner contract placed with Schunk
January 2016 PRI Trolleys delivered to WHT
20th-21st January 2016 January Galactic Archaeology Science Team Meeting
November 2015 PFC Blank 2 delivered to Kiwistar
20th-21st October 2015 Fibre System FDR
19th-20th October 2015 Science and Survey Strategy Review
23rd-24th September 2015 PRI Focus Translation System FDR
September 2015 PFC Blank 5 delivered to Kiwistar
28th August 2015 PRI Trolleys FDR
8th June 2015 MultiLateral Agreement is now fully signed by all agencies
3rd June 2015 Franche Comté provides funds for WEAVE fibres
27th-29th May 2015 WEAVE Science Planning meeting at Leiden
15th May 2015 Engineering grade CCD231-C6 delivered by e2V
23rd April 2015 PDR for Archive System
23rd April 2015 FDR Core and Advanced Processing System
18th March 2015 FDR for Spectrograph System
22nd Janaury 2015 FDR for Fibre Positioner System
19th December 2014 PFC Blank 1 delivered to Kiwistar
2nd December 2014 PFC Blank 3 delivered to Kiwistar
3rd November 2014 PFC Blank 4 delivered to Kiwistar
22nd July 2014 France's Conseil Scientifique Régional d'Île-de-France approves funds for WEAVE
28th June 2014 WEAVE well-represented at SPIE in Montreal
26th June 2014 Spain's Plan Nacional approves funds for WEAVE
13th June 2014 Kiwistar selected to polish PFC lenses
10th June 2014 PDR of the CPS/APS
30th April 2014 Blank for PFC lens 1 ordered
29th April 2014 Spain's FEDER committee approves funds for WEAVE
11th April 2014 Published tender for PFC lens polishing and coating
30th March 2014 Science CCDs ordered from e2v
25th March 2014 Full UK funding released by STFC
25th March 2014 WEAVE Board meeting in Rome. Attended by INAF Directors following the agreement to include Italy in the project.
20th February 2014 First MOS fibre prototype received
12th February 2014 Final design stage mid-term assessment
31st January 2014 Positioner PLC received
30th January 2014 Spectrograph optical final design review
24th January 2014 Prime focus corrector blank (B6) has been completed
19th December 2013 Successful Gaia launch
15th November 2013 Five of the six corrector blanks ordered
7th November 2013 STFC's Science Board recommends full funding for WEAVE
6th September 2013 STFC PPRP visiting panel at RAL Space
9th July 2013 Prime focus optical design FDR
3rd-4th July 2013 STFC PPRP meeting
30th April 2013 STFC PPRP funding proposal submitted
22nd-23rd May 2013 WEAVE Engineering meeting to close preliminary design stage (Stage Two) and initiate final design stage (Stage three)
19th-20th March 2013 WEAVE PDR completed
21st February 2013 NWO (Dutch Science Foundation) awards 960 k€ for WEAVE hardware to Prof.dr. S.C. Trager (WEAVE NL PI, Project Scientist, and Deputy PI) through its NWO-M programme.  See this page for a short description of the project (in Dutch)
18th February 2013 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) documentation delivered to reviewers.  PDR will be held in Madrid 19-20 March 2013
11th October 2012 NWO (Dutch Science Foundation) Board of Exact Sciences approves 2M€ for staff costs connected to WEAVE design and construction in the period 2012-2015
26th-27th June 2012 WEAVE project stage II Mid-Term Assessment meeting in Liverpool. Project progressing as desired
17th-18th April 2012 WEAVE Engineering meeting in Amsterdam. Conceptual designs discussed and moved towards preliminary designs
2nd January 2012 Start of WEAVE project stage II, in which preliminary designs are developed
2012 Funds received from Île-de-France for prototyping MOS fibres
19th December 2011 End of WEAVE project stage I. Final science cases delivered
3rd October 2011 Start of WEAVE project stage I, in which the user requirements will be captured. Final science cases and a concept-of-operations document will be delivered by 16 December
22nd-23rd September 2011 WEAVE kick-off meeting in Amsterdam. Engineering session on Thursday 22nd September. Science session on Friday 23rd September
13th July 2011 STFC's PPAN (Particle Physics, Astronomy and Nuclear Physics) science commitee states that WEAVE is one of the highest priorities for UK investment in new ground-based astronomical instrumentation, and recommends that STFC provides support through the design phase
14th April 2011 Presentation about WEAVE made to STFC's PPAN (Particle Physics, Astronomy and Nuclear Physics) science committee by Gavin Dalton (RAL)
31st January 2011 'Statement of interest' submitted to STFC. The partners are STFC, the University of Oxford, LJMU, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, ASTRON, Observatoire de Paris, Lund University and ING
11th January 2011 Piercarlo Bonifacio and team join the WEAVE consortium following the closure of the GYES project
30th November 2010 Conceptual designs of the new prime-focus corrector for the WHT, and of the spectrograph components, were presented at the WEAVE engineering meeting, Heathrow
14th October 2010 Proposed WHT MOS instrument named as WEAVE (WHT Enhanced Area Velocity Explorer)
1st October 2010 Letter of intent submitted to ESO for the construction of a MOS on the WHT
26th April 2010 "WHT MOS Science Group meeting", London
22nd March 2010 "Science with the William Herschel Telescopes 2010-2020" London workshop

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