A new wide-field multi-object spectrograph
for the William Herschel Telescope



WEAVE Project Executive

Executive Members
Role Institution
Gavin Dalton Principal Investigator STFC (RAL)
José Alfonso López Aguerri National Co-PI
Piercarlo Bonifacio
National PI
GEPI (Observatoire de Paris)
Scott Trager Project Scientist, National Co-PI
University of Groningen
Don Carlos Abrams Project Manager ING
Antonella Vallenari National PI INAF
Esperanza Carrasco National PI INAOE

Supporting Roles

Chris Benn Instrument Scientist ING
Lourdes González Project Support Office Manager ING
Kevin Middleton
System Engineer
Johan Pragt
Deputy Project Manager
Shoko Jin
Assistant Project Scientist
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/Universiteit Leiden



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