The Conference Proceedings will be edited by R.L.M.Corradi & U.Munari and published in the ASP (Astronomical Society of the Pacific) Conference Series.

The deadline for sending the properly formatted LaTeX contributions is June 20, 2006. A timely publication of the proceedings is needed and highly desirable and to meet such a target, contributions received after that deadline might be ignored.

The style and instruction/example files are: - author's instructions (Postscript)
aspauthor2005.pdf - author's instructions (pdf) author's instructions for using graphicx (Postscript)
usinggraphicx.pdf- author's instructions for using graphicx (pdf)
asptemplate.tex- this is the author template (following the author's instructions
asp2004.sty - the new ASP Conf. Series style file
Do not edit and alter the asp2004.sty file and the preamble of asptemplate.tex. Print (or .pdf) and (.pdf) which give the full instructions for the preparation of your paper, and use a copy of asptemplate.tex as a skeleton for your own contribution. Use the thebibliograpy environment.

Page limits are:
up to 8 pages (including the questions/answers, see below)
up to 3 pages for posters

We will send you soon by email an ascii file with the questions raised after your talk and your answers. Please revise them, and include them in the corresponding lines at the end of the LaTeX template file. Should your contribution have no questions/answers, just comments those lines.

It is desirable that a similar figure style and symbol dimension is kept throughout all the Proceedings book. To these aim we recommend you to box and label your diagrams in a light way: for those using SMONGO, a "lweight 0" command is recommended. The dimension of numbers and letters labeling the diagram axes should be close to the examples given in the file Note also the way of formatting your tables. Use "latex yourfile.tex" to compile your contribution.

Name the LaTeX file with your family name, e.g. wilson.tex and the figures as wilson_fig1.eps, wilson_fig2.eps, etc. If you are the first author of more than one contribution use "a", "b", etc. to mark each contribution: in the running example it would be wilson_a.tex, wilson_a_fig1.eps, wilson_a_fig2.eps, etc. for the first contribution, and wilson_b.tex, wilson_b_fig1.eps, wilson_b_fig2.eps, etc. for a second one.

Then use tar and gzip to package your files. In the running example it would be:

tar cvf wilson.tar wilson.tex wilson_fig1.eps wilson_fig2.eps
gzip wilson.tar
If you are the first author of more contributions, package each one into separate .tar.gz files (in the example above wilson_a.tar.gz, wilson_b.tar.gz, etc.)

Send by e-mail the .tar.gz file containing your contribution to:
Subject: V838 Mon Proceedings: (write here your name)
If you have more than one contribution, send then separately (and label them "a", "b", etc. in the Subject field).

If your .tar.gz file exceedes 1 MB please contact us before sending it.

We plan to immediately pre-process your contribution to quickly check that it was received in good order and it is within page limits, it is complete, it adheres to ASP style rules and the figures and tables follow the above outlined recommendations on legibility and uniformity.

We plan to report to you within few working days from submission. If you do not receive any message from us within a week, it is quite possible that your e-mail has not reached us for whatever reason.