Some excerpts from Canarian newspapers:

    [Title of an article:]
    Fifty scientists are incarcerated in the island to analyse a mysterious star
    [Subtitle of an article:]
    Curious: astrophysicists from all over the world attend an international conference on La Palma to debate about something they do not know.
    [In the article:]
    .. astronomers still navigate without any defined course...
    [Patat, about the superluminal motion of the light echo:]
    What one sees is a time sequence as fast as materially impossible.
    [Corradi, to the journalists:]
    Usually we call the press media to present a new discovery, but this time we have called you for exactly the opposite.
    [Mampaso, about astrophysics:]
    We, the scientists, are desperately looking for something that tells us that we are wrong. It is only then, that we start understanding what is really going on.