EHB MeetingSecond Meeting on
Hot Subdwarf Stars
and Related Objects
6-10 June 2005
La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

Manuscript Upload Form

The manuscript submission is a three stage process. First login with your e-mail address, then upload your manuscripts, finally you must run LaTeX on the submitted manuscript. When you have completed the three stages you will get an e-mail confirming the submission of your manuscript. Your manuscript is not considered submitted until you have reached this stage. If you have more than one manuscript registered for submission, you will get a second stage after the login where you have to choose which manuscript you want to submit.

In order to submit a manuscript, please provide your e-mail address. This must be the same address as provided for your registration.


Instructions and examples for file upload

  • When you have the impression that nothing is happening when you are uploading files, make sure that you are uploading files, and not directories.
  • Put your figures in a tar file. Even if you have only one figure! Example:
    tar -cvf myfigures.tar figure2.eps
    This will archive the three figures in a file called myfigures.tar.
  • Compress the tar file. Example:
    gzip myfigures.tar
    Now you have created a file called myfigures.tar.gz. This is the format we want you to upload the figures in.
  • Compress the postscript version of your contribution in its final form. Example:
    Now you have created a file called This is the format we want you to upload your formatted contribution in.
  • Please make sure that you do not use absolute pathnames in your LaTeX-file or tar archive when referring to your figures. Example: Use, do not use /home/me/paper/