SWIFT: An AO-assisted I,z band integral field spectrograph


M. Tecza, N. Thatte, F. Clarke, T. Goodsall, M. Symeonidis


SWIFT is an adaptive optics assisted integral field spectrograph covering the I and z astronomical bands (0.7Ám-1.0Ám). It builds on two recent developments (i) the improved ability of second generation adaptive optics systems to correct for atmospheric turbulence at wavelengths 1Ám, and (ii) the availability of CCD array detectors with high quantum efficiency at very red wavelengths (close to the silicon band edge cut-off). Combining these with a state-of-the-art integral field unit design using an all-glass image slicer, SWIFT\'s design provides very high throughput and low scattered light. It is a dedicated integral field spectrograph, specifically built to address a range of interesting astrophysical questions.