OSIRIS: Adaptive Optics-Assisted Integral-Field Spectroscopy at Keck Observatory


Quirrenbach, A., Larkin, J., Barczys, M., Iserlohe, C., Krabbe, A., McElwain, M., Song, I., Weiss, J., & Wright, S.


OSIRIS (OH-Suppressing Infra-Red Integral-field Spectrograph) is a new facility instrument for the Keck Observatory. After seeing first light in February 2005, OSIRIS is currently undergoing commissioning. OSIRIS provides the capability of performing three-dimensional spectroscopy in the near-infrared z, J, H, and K bands at the resolution limit of the Keck II telescope, which is equipped with adaptive optics and a laser guide star. We will discuss technical details of the instrument, the science case, and first results from commissioning observations.