Nearby Early-Type Galaxy Nuclei with OASIS


R. McDermid and the OASIS/NAOMI and SAURON Teams


Observations of early-type galaxies with the SAURON integral-field spectrograph (IFS) at the WHT have revealed a wealth of structure in the dynamics and chemical make-up of these objects. I present here results from a complimentary follow-up survey using the OASIS IFS to obtain high-spatial resolution observations of the central parts of SAURON galaxies. This ongoing survey reveals complex structures at sub-arcsecond scales in many of these objects, emphasizing that the central regions of early-type galaxies are a special environment, distinct from, yet intimately linked to, the main body of the parent galaxy. Data and analysis techniques are presented, as well as initial scientific results. I also review prospects for this field with the advent of the GLAS laser guide star in combination with the OASIS IFS at the WHT.