Simulations of Extreme Adaptive Optics and Integral Field Spectroscopy for detection of Extrasolar Planets


Berton, Alessandro; Feldt, Markus; Gratton, Raffaele G., Hippler, Stefan; Henning, Thomas


We present here new simulations of extrasolar planets detections obtained using a combination of extreme adaptive optics and integral field spectroscopy. The simulation code, written in IDL, provides images and, in particular, spectra, taking realistically into account Speckle Noise, AO correction effects and specific instrumental features. A detailed work has been done for ESO VLT telescopes (8.2m), within the Phase A of the CHEOPS project, but the code is particularly flexible and can be updated for larger diameters (ELTs) in order to give a realistic estimate of the detection limits, for giant telescopes, in standard conditions of seeing.