STFC recently circulated the Astronomy Advisory Panel's draft 
report for the upcoming STFC programmatic review.  The draft 
can be found linked from the AAP page at:

STFC requests feedback on this draft (see their email copied below)
by Thursday noon, via the form on:

I strongly encourage all ING users to respond.

ING welcomes the report's consistent emphasis on the desirability of
maintaining diversity of facilities in the run-up to E-ELT and SKA,
and on the importance of future UK access to a powerful MOS.

However, current and future ING users may be concerned that two critical 
issues receive little attention in this report.  Firstly, there is almost 
no discussion of the requirement to maintain Northern-hemisphere access 
for UK optical observers.  Secondly, no mention is made of a clear path 
that exists for providing UK users with Northern MOS access (highlighted 
on p16 as being required for 3 out of 7 science areas), namely via the 
planned WEAVE spectrograph on the WHT (2-deg field, 1000 fibres).

If the report does not reflect your views about these issues, or others, 
we encourage you to provide feedback on the above link.

We are very grateful for the support you have given in the past to
the continued involvement of the UK in the ING.

Many thanks in advance,

Marc Balcells
Director ING