STFC has announced that Marc Balcells from IAC has been appointed  
Director of ING: see

with effective starting date of 20th July, 2009. Balcells can be  
reached at


We remind our its user communities that several reviews with  
potentially important impact on current astronomical infrastructures  
are being carried out at present. All of these reviews invite input  
from their user communities to set scientific priorities. We  
encourage active participation in these processes.

For ease of access, here are links to those reviews with most direct  
impact on ING:

A) European-wide: the ASTRONET European Telescope Strategy Review  
Committee (ETSRC) is reviewing 2 to 4m telescopes which have  
significant public funding from European countries.  Deadline for  
user feedback is 2009 August 31st.  See 

We encourage astronomers from the three ING communities to provide  
input to ETSRC.

B) UK-only: the UK Ground-based Facilities Review (GBFR), also known  
as the Rowan-Robinson review, aims at establishing the key science  
goals of STFC's ground-based astronomical infrastructures, in order  
to shape a strategy for future investments and membership in  
international astronomical facilities.  A user questionnaire is on  
the web.  Deadline for user feedback is 2009 July 31st.

C) UK-only: the Near-Universe and Far-Universe Advisory Panels (NUAP,  
FUAP) provide science priorities to the STFC's Particle Physics,  
Astronomy and Nuclear Physics Science Committee (PPAN).  While the  
open consultation for FUAP is closed, that for NUAP is open with a  
deadline of 2009 July 24th.

Marc Balcells
Director of ING

[ please note my new email address,  My previous  
address ( is still active. ]
Dr. Marc Balcells
Director, Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
balcells 'at'

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