9-11 MAY 2005

                  second announcement

*****  Deadline for registration: 15 April 2005  ******

Conference web site: or
the Cambridge mirror

The preliminary scientific programme has been released on this web site.

Registration form and further information about the workshop can also 
be found there.

The combination of integral-field spectroscopy and adaptive optics 
(AO) is still a relatively unexplored area where the potential benefits
for astronomy are huge. Several projects are under way to take 
advantage of recent technological developments in these areas. 
This workshop is prompted by the advent at the 4.2-m William Herschel 
Telescope of the OASIS integral-field spectrograph in conjunction with 
the NAOMI AO system, which will shortly be equipped also with a laser 
guide star system.

The workshop will focus on the scientific potential of AO-assisted 
integral-field spectroscopy. Broad topics include astronomical 
achievements of integral-field spectroscopy, instrumentation 
developments, and future prospects for science exploitation. 
Specific areas of interest are the dynamics of galaxy cores, the 
physics of star-forming regions and dense stellar clusters, the 
impact of survey observations in these areas using laser guide stars, 
and future developments in instrumentation. Contributions in these 
and related areas are welcome.

Invited speakers are:
Roland Bacon (Lyon), Gerald Cecil (North Carolina), Paolo Garcia 
(Porto), Richard McDermid (Leiden), Simon Morris (Durham), 
Martin Roth (Potsdam), Niranjan Thatte (Oxford).

The conference will take place from 9-11 May 2005 in Hotel Taburiente 
Playa on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.
Participants must make their own travel and accommodations arrangements.
Details can be found on the above web page.

For further queries contact the Local Organizing Committee at

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