During the periods

31 May 2002; 21-22 June 2002; 3-5 July 2002

there will be opportunities for adaptive optics service time
using NAOMI with the ING's infrared camera INGRID.

A summary of NAOMI/INGRID expected performance may be found at:

but to summarize: in natural seeing 0.7 arcsec, with a guide star V = 13
lying close to the (on-axis) target, NAOMI will deliver diffraction limited
images in K, FWHM ~ 0.12 arcsec, with Strehl ratio (between the peak heights
of corrected and diffraction-limited point-spread functions) ~ 0.4. Some
predictions of on-axis Strehl ratio as a function of guide-star
apparent magnitude, wavelength and uncorrected seeing follow:

  G-star Band   Strehl in seeing    FWHM"
  V mag         1.0"  0.7"  0.5"

    11     K    0.46  0.62  0.69    0.12
    12     K    0.34  0.51  0.61
    13     K    0.19  0.38  0.50
    14     K    0.06  0.21  0.35

    11     H    0.29  0.45  0.54    0.08
    12     H    0.19  0.36  0.46
    13     H    0.08  0.24  0.35
    14     H    0.02  0.10  0.21

    11     J    0.15  0.29  0.38    0.07
    12     J    0.08  0.21  0.31
    13     J    0.03  0.12  0.22
    14     J    0.01  0.04  0.11

Strehl ratio is predicted to fall to half its on-axis value at radii 13,
17 and 23 arcsec from the guide star in J, H and K respectively. That is,
for a given degree of correction, the guide star needs to be closer to the
target for J and H imaging than for K.

Help with pre-appraisal of proposals may be obtained from the NAOMI
instrument specialist Chris Benn (, and the NAOMI service
application form may be found on the Service Programme web page at

For this Announcement of Opportunity the usual service time limitation
rule of four hours is being relaxed, all proposals will be considered.

DAY OF EACH MONTH when they will be automatically transmitted to the
Service Programme Referees for assessment.

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