Dear Colleagues:

ING wishes to remind prospective applicants for observing time
on the WHT in Semester 2002B that the echelle spectrograph, UES
will not be available in this semester. Access to high-resolution 
spectroscopic instrumentation has been secured through a time-
share agreement with the 3.5-m Italian National Telescope Galileo 
(TNG) on La Palma. 

As part of this collaboration between ING and TNG, NL and UK 
observers may apply to use three TNG instruments. These are:

 + The high resolution spectrograph, SARG 
 + The near infrared camera-spectrometer, NICS, in non-AO
   spectroscopy mode only
 + The multi-object low-resolution optical spectrograph, DOLORES

For further details on the TNG observing guidelines and for
instrumentation details, refer to
and select "instruments" for detailed information on SARG, NICS

A minimum of five nights is available in total in semester 2002B 
to the NL and UK communities, and in return the Italian community 
obtains access to the WHT for the same number of nights. More than 
five nights may be shared if such demand is balanced between both 

Please note that NL and UK applicants for SARG, NICS or DOLORES 
should apply using their standard PATT/NL form and should send 
these to their own national TAGs. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO TNG.  
(Spanish PIs should apply for TNG time in the usual way through CAT). 

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