1. Impact of reduced budget on the use of ING's telescopes
2. Time allocations for Semester 2002A now available
3. EuroConference on ``Symbiotic stars probing stellar evolution''


Impact of reduced budget on the use of ING's telescopes

The recent decision by PPARC Council on the future funding of the
various ground-based facilities will have a considerable impact
on the telescopes pertaining to the Isaac Newton Group on La Palma.
An overview of the changes relevant to our user community can be
read at


Time allocations for Semester 2002A now available

An overview of the latest telescope time awards is available at
The latest schedule can be viewed on-line from a link
provided on the ING astronomy pages


EuroConference on ``Symbiotic stars probing stellar evolution''
                  27-31 May 2002, La Palma

The conference is aimed at reviewing the state-of-the-art in the 
field of symbiotic stars, as well to emphasize, for the first time 
in a comprehensive way, the links to other branches of astrophysics, 
such as red giants, PNe, novae, supersoft X-ray sources and supernovae. 
The following topics will be covered:

* Recent progresses in the determination of orbital and
  stellar parameters of symbiotic stars and related binary systems
* Evolutionary paths leading to symbiotic stars and to their progeny
* The red giants of symbiotic stars compared to single red
  giants and Miras
* The nature of the hot component and the physics of their outbursts
* New observations of the circumstellar material and its
  origin (winds interactions and photoionisation)
* Modeling large-scale outflows from symbiotic stars and
  their links with planetary nebulae
* The relation with classical novae, cataclysmic variables,
  supersoft X-ray sources, and SN Ia

A preliminary list of invited speakers is: B. Balick (USA),
M.F. Bode (UK), R.L.M. Corradi (UK), I. Iben (USA), A. Jorissen
(Belgium), M. Livio (USA), J. Mikolajewska (Poland), M. Morris (USA),
U. Munari (Italy), H.  Nussbaumer (Switzerland), B. Paczynski (USA),
H.M. Schmid (Germany), H.E.  Schwarz (Chile), E.M. Sion (USA),
N. Soker (Israel), P.A. Whitelock (South Africa).

The conference is organised by the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
(ING), La Palma, Canary Spain. Financial support is provided by the 
European Commission, High-Level Scientific Conferences and the ING. 
EU grants are available to cover the expenses of a number of young 
European researchers working in Europe and of European researchers 
of any age working outside Europe. Details about the conference are 
available at
or by contacting us at

Romano Corradi & Joanna Mikolajewska (co-Chairs, SOC)


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