Supplementary 2001B call for INT/JKT proposals

Due to a combination of scheduling difficulties and a small number of
bright-time applications, the PATT Telescope Allocation Committee has
been unable to allocate 12 bright nights of INT time and 20 bright
nights of JKT time, for the 2001B semester. We are therefore issuing a
further call for proposals for this time, which is currently scheduled
for August and September 2001 (INT) and November 2001 - January 2002
(JKT).  Please check the on-line schedules for instrument availability
on the INT (WFC or IDS).

Researchers who may be able to make use of some of this time
are therefore encouraged to apply, using the usual PATT2 form and
submission procedure, with a closing date of Sunday 1st July 2001,
although proposals received after this deadline may receive
consideration. Proposals will be promptly assessed by members of the
PATT committee, and successful applications will be awarded the usual
PATT funding. Awards will be subject to the usual minimum length
requirement for runs on these telescopes, i.e. 4 nights on the INT and
5 nights on the JKT. Programmes which could be completed within 1
night on either telescope should be submitted through the ING service

Any queries about this call for proposals should be addressed to the
chair of the UK PATT TAC, Phil James ( or the
technical secretary to the committee, Ian Skillen (

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