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Causes the CCD Autoguider to follow a star image and to send error signals to the Telescope Control Computer, or to stop doing so.

2=to: 2!:}Format: FOLLOW <onoroff> <n>

2=to: 2!:}Examples: FOLLOW ON 1

2=to: 2!:}Synonyms: FON ( tex2html_wrap_inline5943 FOLLOW ON 1)
FOFF ( tex2html_wrap_inline5943 FOLLOW OFF 1)

2=to: 2!:}Comments: Valid values of the first parameter are ON and OFF; the second is the number of Autoguider integrations per guiding error is normally 1. Equivalent to GUIDE ON and GUIDE OFF at the Autoguider terminal. FOLLOW does not start the telescope autoguiding; it is necessary to issue the AUTOGUIDER commands to the TCS, either through the ICL interface or at the TCS terminal to do this.

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