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Sets the X and Y positions of the prime focus autoguider probe. This command can also be used to stop or initialise the mechanisms.

2=to: 2!:}Format: PGDXY <xvalue> <yvalue>

2=to: 2!:}Examples: PGDXY 10300 3050

2=to: 2!:}Units: Microns.

2=to: 2!:}Range: 0 to 110000.

2=to: 2!:}Comments: Instead of a value, the strings STOP and INIT can be given to this command to stop or initialise the mechanisms. Due to hardware restrictions this command can only move or initialise the X and Y mechanisms sequentially. The two parameters can be a number and a string, for instance PGDXY 3000 INIT will move the x motion to 3000, and initialise the y mechanism, but if the first parameter is INIT then both mechanisms will be initialised. PGDXY must be given two parameters.

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