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Moves the Main filter wheel in the PFIP to the given filter name or position. This command can also be used to stop or initialise the mechanism.

2=to: 2!:}Format: PFILT <filter>

2=to: 2!:}Examples: PFILT 3

2=to: 2!:}Synonym: PFILTER

2=to: 2!:}Comments: The names of the filters mounted in the filter wheel are kept in a database which can be modified with the command PCHANGE. Filters can be specified either by the name in the database, or by a position in the range 1 to 7. The filter wheel can also be stopped by giving STOP as the parameter to the command, and initialised by specifying INIT as the parameter. The main filter wheel currently takes about 40 seconds to move from one position to another.

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