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The PFIP engineering terminal

The PFIP engineering terminal provides a continuously updated display of the status of PFIP mechanisms, and of the network messages last sent and received by the PFIP 4ms, and the ability to send network messages directly to the PFIP 4ms. To choose this option select PRIME on rotary switch ``A'' on the selection box between the engineering terminals. The status of one mechanism, including position, encoder readings and error codes, is displayed on the terminal and updated every few seconds. Which mechanism this is can be changed by pressing one of the keys listed in the reverse video menu at the botton of the screen. Typing N allows the user to send a network message to the 4ms. Typing T enters transparent mode, this mode should only ever be used by experienced technical staff. Next to the terminal are two small loudspeakers, these are connected to microphones in the PFIP and alongside the atmospheric dispersion compensator respectively. These allow the user to hear what is happening at the top end.

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