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The MIMIC display


The MIMIC display running on the VAXstation 3100 gives mainly-graphical representations of the current status of the telescope, instruments and detectors. There are a number of pages, which can be selected using the mouse. Current pages include:

A small version of the CCD summary page is permanently displayed.

The current state of any mechanism or light path is identified by its represented colour
on the MIMIC screen. The colour scheme is:

 WHITE 		 mechanism is ok although not being controlled 
RED 		 mechanism is in error
BLUE 		 mechanism is moving
GREEN 		 mechanism is successfully being controlled
YELLOW 		 the current selected light-path

The following ICL commands relate to the MIMIC (they are only normally needed when problems occur):
 TMIMIC PAGES 		 List names of available MIMIC pages (screens)
MIMIC UPDATE 		 Refresh current screen if it seems out of date
MIMIC_START 		 Start-up. Normally done in START-UP in ICL
MIMIC_STOP 		 Close down. Normally done in the ICL EXIT 
SCREEN 		 Select a screen (e.g., ISIS). Normally done with 
the mouse.

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