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This Appendix summarises the filters available for WHT imaging. Table  gif lists the filters available for CCD imaging. All of these filters can also be used at the other ING imaging instruments: JKT Cass, INT Prime, and WHT AUX port. Information regarding the larger, circular, filters available for imaging and for Fabry-Perot spectroscopy with TAURUS-2 on the WHT can be found in the La Palma User's Guide. The information in this document comes from various sources: the La Palma Technical Notes 45, 73, 75 and 90, the INT Prime Focus manual, and a List of Optical Components compiled by Chris Benn. All of the information (filter curves and tables as available) can be found on the La Palma xmosaic server under filters.

Our collection consists of broad band and narrow band filters. For broad band imaging we have several sets of BVRI filters, which are not meant to leave their telescope. Our set of narrow band filters at the moment is still rather limited, except for (redshifted) H tex2html_wrap_inline5501 filters, of which we have more than 15. All filters are square, and have a length and width of more or less 50mm. Some of the larger filters do not fit into every filterwheel. There are however filterwheels to accommodate each filter.

Table 15: Summary of filters for CCD imaging

Table 15: Summary of filters for CCD imaging (continued)

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