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RAT_WAITs for an exposure to complete before returning control to ICL.

2=to: 2!:}Format: RAT_WAIT <channel> <timeout>

2=to: 2!:}Channel: The name of the CCD data acquisition channel to be used.

2=to: 2!:}Timeout: The maximum time to wait (seconds)

2=to: 2!:}Examples : RAT_WAIT AUX 90

2=to: 2!:}Comments: The commands for carrying out CCD exposures normally return control to ICL before they complete. Whilst this is desirable in normal operation, it makes it impossible to write ICL procedures to carry out a number of exposures sequentially (as in a focus run for example). Such ICL procedures can be produced using the WAIT command (see section ? for examples). The timeout parameter of the WAIT command forces it to return an error to ICL if the exposure does not complete; it is recommended that timeouts be made generous.

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