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In order to check that the guiding bundles are properly mounted the following check can be done:

i) Locate the slide unit at (65237, 0.). For that use the commands IXS and IYS.
ii) Align a star at the rotator centre
iii) Applying an off-set of 212 (386) arcsec (Telescope to the South) the star should appears at the centre of inner (outer) guiding bundle.

With the handset in the XY mode, at SPA=0 degrees, the up button will cause an object to move down the TV screen while the handset left button will cause an object to move left on the TV screen.

Use the WHT INTEGRALINNER and WHT INTEGRALOUTER configurations of the GSS for finding guide stars within the inner and outer fields (see Figure 3).

The ICL commands IXSlideAbs and IYSlideAbs are used to moved the XY slide to the GSS indicated position .

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