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The WYFFOS spectrograph was originally conceived to allow science exploitation of light carried by fibres from the AUTOFIB2 prime-focus robotic positioner. However, it quickly became apparent that other fibre fed instruments could take advantage of the spectrograph's optimized geometry. INTEGRAL extends the power of WYFFOS to an increasingly important observational technique - that of area (integral) spectroscopy of extended objects.

INTEGRAL is mounted at the GHRIL Nasmyth platform, where in addition to the fibre bundles themselves, new acquisition, guiding, and calibration units have been developed. Furthermore, new/experimental bundles can easily be installed once the focal plane and WYFFOS mechanical interfaces have been constructed. The acquisition, guiding, and calibration units of INTEGRAL can also be used with other fibre fed spectrographs (i.e., IR spectrographs).

Figure: Outline of the INTEGRAL system

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