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JKT f/15 (CCDE and CCDW

The outer edge of the field is a circle of radius 16 arcmin (defined by the filter wheel). The guide probe is on an xy stage and can cover all of this area except for a small part outside its -y range and a cut-out at large x and y. The inner edge of the field is elliptical with a semi-major axis of 14 arcmin along x and a semi-minor axis of 10 arcmin along y. The ellipse is produced because the autoguider is fed by a flat mirror with a circular hole inclined at 45o to the optical axis. The additional conditions are:

x2/l2 + y2/m2 > 1

x2 + y2 < rmax2

and the area with x > x+ and y > y+ is also excluded.

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