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Conversion to guide-probe coordinates

The ξ'η' coordinate system are then rotated, translated and scaled to the guide probe system, using the relations:

x =(f/ er) [ξ'cos(ψ+ ψ0) - η'sin(ψ+ ψ0)] + x0

y =ε(f/ er) [ξ'sin(ψ+ ψ0) + η'cos(ψ+ ψ0)] + y0

r = [(x-x0)2 + (y-y0)2]1/2

for xy systems and

x =(f/er) [ξ'cos(ψ+ ψ0) - η'sin(ψ+ ψ0)]

y = (f/er)[ξ'sin(ψ+ ψ0) + η'cos(ψ+ ψ0)]

r = (x2 + y2)1/2 - r0

sineθθ = x / (x2 + y2)1/2

coseθθ = y / (x2 + y2)1/2

for systems.

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