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About this manual

This manual replaces the earlier edition of the archive PRIMER (La Palma Technical Note No. 69), and partly superseeds the archive User's Guide (ING User Manual No. XIX). The emphasis of this user manual is completely and exclusively on queries of the observations catalogue both on-line, via a captive account at RGO, or off-line, via the archive mailserver. Additional functions of the query software, such as queries of the archive index and other modes of access, are outside the of this manual scope, and are not included here; they are described in the already mentioned earlier ING User Manual No. XIX (see also page ).

This User Manual is devided into three parts. Part I, sections to , gives an astronomical description of the archive contents. Part II, sections to , has the character of a `Primer' with a general introduction to the query software, and describes how to on-line query the archive catalogue via the captive account and the usage of the archive mailserver. Part III, section to , deals with the command language employed by the query software, and includes a detailed description of individual commands and qualifiers.

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