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Produce simple statistics: COUNT (CO)

This command allows the user to count records in a table (the Observations Catalogue itself, or a table obtained by a selection process) in intervals of up to two specified parameters.

COUNT[/qualifiers] keyword[/key_qualifiers][,keyword[/key_qualifiers]

The output consists of header information (giving names or intervals) and details (containing the counts). Table shows how various Observations Catalogue keywords will be represented by default. The qualifiers allowed with the COUNT command may be found in tables , and . Many of the key-qualifiers have the same function as they have in the LIST command (see section ).

The key-qualifier /DATE_FIELD operates in a slightly different manner. It defines the way dates will be counted, as follows:

/DECODE determines whether coded information in the Observations Catalogue (see section and e.g. table ) will be listed in coded or the decoded form. /INTERVAL and /UNIT define the count interval and the units of the preceding keyword and override the default interval-size.

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