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Defaults for position search

The parameters RADIUS=radius and BOXSIZE=(width,height) specify the default circular and rectangular areas to be searched when a position is specified. When no units are explicitly given, degrees are assumed. General rules concerning the format and units of the parameter values radius, width, height are given in section .

The parameters MAXRADIUS=r and MAXBOXSIZE=(w,h) provide safeguards against specifications of unrealistically large values of RADIUS and BOXSIZE, for instance by an incorrect use of units. If h is not given it defaults to h=w.

COORDINATES=EQUATORIAL | GALACTIC | ECLIPTIC, and EQUINOX=equinox specify the default coordinate system used for searching. Equinox may be any floating-point year number preceded optionally by B for Besselian or J for Julian. By default B is assumed for equinox < 1984.0 and J for equinox > 1984.0. Besselian coordinates are in the FK4 system, Julian ones in the FK5 system.

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