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Default list formats

The command: DEFAULT LIST="keyword[,keyword[,keyword....]]"

(re)defines the items that will be listed by the LIST command when used without specification (see section ). Qualifiers can be given with the keywords in order to specify a certain width or a number of decimals (see e.g. Table ).

If the string of keywords starts with a comma it is appended to the current default list string. The total string cannot exceed 256 characters. A summary of the many possible keywords and qualifiers in the list string can be obtained with the on-line HELP facility (use: HELP DEFAULT LIST).


specifies the list-format of coordinates. DEGREES and DECIMAL are equivalent (decimal degrees), MS implies the hms/deg ' " format, while DEFAULT implies decimal degrees for galactic and ecliptic coordinates and the MS format for equatorial ones. Note that the FORMAT default setting has no baring on the way in which position information may be entered by the user, in, for instance, the SELECT command.

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