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Default output specification

The MAIL_OUTPUT=NO | LISTINGS | LOG_FILE | ALL qualifier specifies whether listings and/or log files produced by ARCQUERY will be sent on termination by electronic mail. LISTINGS specifies only the listings that are produced explicitly by the user, LOG_FILE specifies the logfile of the session, ALL specifies both. NO indicates that no output is mailed; any existing list files will be spooled to the local print queue.

The qualifiers QUEUE=printqueue, NLINES_PAGE=n and PAGE_WIDTH=n refer to the line printer at the archive site ( i.e. GXVG). They are set by the login procedure of the captive account; only change these parameters if you know exactly what you are doing. However, if the listings are to be returned to the user e-mail address, then these qualifiers can be used to change the listing format. Note that NLINES_PAGE refers to the full page length; the number of lines actually printed on a page is 5 less.

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