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An archive user interacts with the ARCQUERY software via a simple command language, which allows, among other things, catalogue searches to be formulated as logical expressions, relating values of several catalogue items in one command. The command syntax is the same for both on-line (the captive account) and off-line (the mailserver) access, but some defaults are set differently.

Once the program ARCQUERY has been started an extensive set of commands is available, which can be classified under roughly six categories:

In the following sections the individual commands are treated in the given order; a brief description of all available commands and qualifiers on the captive account is given in table and table , which may serve as a quick reference guide for the more experienced user. A detailed description of individual command ensues in subsequent sections; however, that description is in several cases not (cannot be) exhaustive, and even more information can be found in the on-line help facility. Finally, in the last sections of this part of the Archive User Manual, some general aspects of the command language syntax and user-defined symbols are discussed.

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