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Finding a particular observing night

Catalogue items with temporal information are: Date, Time, and Exposure. Date and Time are specified in the form DD-MM-YY (day-month-year) and HH:MM:SS, where ` :', ` /' or ` -' are acceptable delimiters; Exposure is specified in seconds. A full description of the format is given in sections and .

The keyword DATE selects from midnight to midnight; this is often inconvenient, and therefore a derived keyword NIGHT is avalibale to select particular obeserving nights. NIGHT selects from noon to noon. Thus, the command:


will select data from noon 13-sep-1993 until noon 14-sep-1993. The command:

SEL NIGHT=13-SEP-1993 & EXPO>200

selects data from that night with an exposure time greater than 200 seconds.

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