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Defining a new Institute name

If the user's institute name is not included in the archive database, there are two options available: One can take the easy option, and choose as institute name either `INTERNET' or `BITNET', or the user provides full information, including a proper institute name or intelligible acronym.

The INTERNET and BITNET names are simply `virtual institutes', with which only the user's E-mail details are communicated. The hostname to be used with INTERNET is the full Internet node specification. With BITNET the host is best specified with the SPAN node number; BITNET E-mail is routed via the RLESIS node at RAL. If you register in this way, perhaps some additional comments can be provided with the request, which could enable the archive manager to add your institute to the database.

Information required for a new institute name consists of (see also section ):

An example:

ADDRESS institute="BMO", instname="Bold Mountain Observatory"
ADDRESS/NOREQ subname="Observatorio de Nuestro Domo"
ADDRESS/NOREQ address="Mushroom Road", town="One Peak", etc.

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