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Command mode

The address function can also be used in command mode. Values of address items are specified with keyword(s) given with the command, e.g. :

ADDRESS name="A X User" , and:

ADDRESS institute="GRONINGEN", username="AXU"

If the required minimum of information is available, you will be prompted for a decision to submit the request automatically. That prompt can be suppressed by using the /NOREQUEST qualifier with the command:

ADDRESS/NOREQ host=" ",phone="4638" ,

which then must be followed explicitly by a request, if so required.

If an institute name is specified, which is not included in the database, additional information about the institute has to be defined before a request/address can be made (next subsection). A listing of the current selection of institute names in the data base is obtained with the SHOW command:


where the second form will produce all available information of the named institute.

Information of an institute which already exists in the database, can only be changed in command mode, because it is not prompted for in menu mode, if the user specifies an existing institute name.

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