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You may present any valid ARCQUERY instruction to the server, just as you would do with an interactive session on the Captive Account. However, your mail message must contain a few lines different from the sequence used to logon to the captive account: The message must contain a `prompt' string, immediately followed by a login statement. The prompt string has to be (for lack of a better idea):


It enables the server to skip all kind of clutter put in by the E-mail postmaster(s), in particular if the message is routed via several nodes. The two lines immediately following on the prompt string must specify the login and startup of ARCQUERY, consisting of your user initials, and on the next line the catalogue name, including a restore/norestore instruction, as follows:


The ensuing lines of the message consist of any valid ARCQUERY instruction; the last one being the EXIT instruction. Thus, a search for data of M33 can be done with the following message:

---!!!___ EJZ OBSCAT_LP/NORESTORE SELECT/INP=0/OUT=1 POSITION=(01:33:53.79,30:39:01.72,36.6 arcmin)

Similarly, you may specify your address information with the ADDRESS function in command mode.

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