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Set defaults: DEFAULT (DEF)

The DEFAULT command allows the user to modify the initial defaults for commonly used parameters and keywords in preparation for an ARCQUERY session (see Table ). All parameters which may be set by this command have been assigned `reasonable' initial values, so that many users will be able to get results without changing them. Defaults may be overridden temporarily by qualifiers, either at command level or at keyword level (see also Table and Table ).

The command can be used in three different forms:

Note that the syntax rules for values and value-sets apply; see section for details. In particular, value-sets consisting of multiple values, must be enclosed in parentheses and the individual values must be separated by commas. A value containing special characters must be enclosed in quotation marks ( ").

Not giving the =value specification for a keyword, results in the keyword specified to be set to its initial default value. The form DEFAULT * restores the initial values for all keywords.

When using the menu mode, the current defaults will be successively shown, and may be optionally modified to a new value. Alternatively, the command SHOW DEFAULT (see section ) can be used to show the current settings.

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