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Obtain help information: HELPQUERY (H)

This command allows the user to enter the hierarchically organized HELP facility of ARCQUERY at the top level. The first topic it will show is COMMANDS and the user can take it from there. Instead of typing HELP a question mark, ?, may be used.

In order to bypass the HELP hierarchy one may specify a topic and/or qualifiers, e.g. :


A similar thing may be done using the question mark; the difference in syntax is that the question mark must always be the last character in the string (`context-driven help'), e.g. :

SEL ? , or SEL RA=?

Note that the HELP facility is available at all times. If one runs into difficulties, one may always type ? in order to obtain information about the particular topic or subtopic appropriate at that point.

The key `PF2' (the EDT help-key,`KP2') has been predefined as `?'.

Typing CTRL/Z or as many carriage-returns <CR> as needed terminates a help session; one returns to level at which help was sollicited.

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