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User Identification (ADDRESS_INFO)

On startup of the ARCQUERY software, the system will test the given initials against the archive users database. If they do not figure in the archive users list, the programme will display a message to that effect.

The `address_info' function (section ) enables the user to define user information for the archive database; the information is sent to the manager for inclusion by submitting a request. The archive requires a minimum of address information before data can be released: the archive (manager) has to know who, and where a requester is. Queries of the catalogue can be made without registration, but no data can be de-archived before the archive username is authorized by the archive manager; therefore, users are advized to submit the request during their first session. This may seem a cumbersome way of treating worried first-time users, but it is necessary in order to avoid confusion about archive users, and because the data are (partly) protected by the proprietary period of one year.

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