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The Observations Catalogue and query software reside on a disk at the RGO VAX node GXVG at Cambridge (UK). The software can be accessed both on-line, via the captive account ARCQUERY, and off-line via the mailserver. The GXVG node can be reached via INTERNET, SPAN, JANET and STARLINK (UK users).

In order to use the query software interactively, simply connect to GXVG, and logon as username ARCQUERY; no password is required. Only a limited number of commands of the query software can be executed from this account. Table shows GXVG's network identifications.

If the connection to the given SPAN address does not succeed, then try to connect via the RLESIS server at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Didcot, Oxfordshire), as follows:

Fri Aug 12 10:24:53 BST 1994